Weekend Hours in a Leasing Center

Weekend hours

Is your leasing center open on Saturday, possibly even Sunday? Many are open on the weekend.  It’s a great opportunity for future residents to have time to explore and investigate possible options for their new homes. Usually weekday leasing appointments are crunched between transportation pick ups, lunch hours and errands.  This limits the time available, putting a quick end to a visit.

Too often, weekend hours are viewed a punishment to a property for not achieving an occupancy goal. The team needs to understand and appreciate the hours of operation.   Actually, Saturday and Sunday hours can be very productive to finalize decisions on leases, and complete lease renewals.  Assigned to the leasing office for the weekend schedule can be the best opportunity to lease.

Customer Service

Multifamily housing is a customer service industry. We provide homes, and we service those homes. This requires us to be open and available to provide service when needed by our customer. Our customers are current residents as well as prospective residents

Setting up the schedule for Saturday hours often involves assigning the newest team member to cover this assignment. Tenured staff members will say, “I’ve paid my dues. I don’t or shouldn’t have to work the weekend schedule.”

Teams I’ve worked with, usually have a revolving schedule to cover weekends. This is more difficult on smaller properties, with less staff.

Why Are We Open?

Weekend hours

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Weekend hours are not simply covering the office IN CASE a prospect might stop by. In addition to the appointments that are scheduled, weekend hours offer ten to sixteen hours of time for:

move in inspection follow up.
Maintenance call backs.
Call back Mania for leasing prospects.

Weekend hours, offer a unique opportunity to follow up with our residents in their homes. Our apartment homes, the homes we maintain for them. Instead of leaving voice mail messages, or an email that may or may not end up in a spam folder. We can make personal contacts by knocking on doors. In addition to the appointments that were scheduled, as you encouraged individuals who could not visit the property on a weekday, to schedule time on the weekend

At the time a new employee is hired, an explanation of the importance of the leasing schedule must be offered.  Each week as the schedule is posted, stressing  the value of the weekend schedule is important. Why are we open on Saturday and Sunday?

The weekend schedule can be filled with as many tasks as a week day assignment, with the limits that there are fewer staff scheduled and who ever works needs to be prepared to put any task on hold, to respond to a prospect or a resident that might visit the office.

Themes for weekend events can increase the interest for potential visitors.  Tail gates, community action social events and local festivals can provide themes.

Does your team have assignments to complete on Saturday? Have you used weekend hours to visit residents for move in inspection follow ups?

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