Update Team Meeting Agenda With Recaps

Team Meeting In Creative Office

Update  Team Meeting Agenda with Recaps at the beginning and end of each day.  We can improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The value of the team meeting is unquestionable.

But the weekly team meeting is not the only occasion that we communicate with our team.

Communicating Changes in the Daily Recap

The team meeting agenda with the tentative work schedule that we communicated at the beginning of the week is not cast in stone.

There will continue to be changes

  • move in dates change
  • new move out notices
  • emergency service requests
  • new lease move in dates

Updates in the Daily Recaps

Communication with our team needs to continue on a daily basis.  Unstructured communication, comments on the fly, are quickly forgotten and may not get to the person assigned to that task.  A text that there’s a change can easily be overlooked.  Lack of communication about changes can easily result in frustration.  We must be intentional, thorough and detailed with the communication.

Today's agenda

Today’s agenda

Update team meeting agenda with recaps at the beginning and end of each day will insure that all members of the team stayed informed.  This, also reinforces one point where the team should look for updates and changes their leader, the manager.

The kickoff and close out meeting allows every team member to update the status of their individual projects and assignments.  There is value to recapping items at the end of the day, it reinforces the purpose and responsibility for each person to report the next day.  It lets them know in advance you’re counting on them to contribute to that is scheduled for the next day.

A close out meeting that identifies any incomplete service requests also identifies the opportunity to notify residents.  We can explain why the repair needs to continue and secure the necessary approval for authorization to enter their home again.

Starting and ending the day with updates to the team meeting agenda with daily recaps will keep everyone informed and focused on the results we need for the week

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