Three Cheers For Maintenance!

The maintenance team at a property is often the secret ingredient to a property’s success.  A perfect move in, free of any repair items creates a great first impression for a new resident.
The appearance of the grounds, hallways, and any common areas can determine whether a prospect drives in to tour the property or just drives by.

img_0754The timeliness, accuracy and customer service attitude presented when responding to a service request, may be the only contact a resident has with your staff during their occupancy.  The tone and responsiveness of maintenance may influence the renewal decision more than the new rental rate.

With these important contributions to the property success, how often do we give the maintenance team an opportunity to take any credit for their efforts?

Here are a few suggestions to give your team an opportunity to take credit for their work product.

  • img_0755Assign service order callbacks to the maintenance team.  Making calls at the beginning of the day or the end of the day isn’t going to disrupt the work schedule.  Maintenance has the opportunity to ask if their work was satisfactory, explain the repair if there are questions, and most important, accept the compliments and thanks for a job well done.
  • Have maintenance accompany a new resident for their move in inspection.  This will give maintenance an opportunity to point out the details, showing off the workmanship.  For occasions, when it’s not practical for maintenance to participate in the move in inspection, use a welcome letter or card; similar to cards use in the hospitality industry to welcome the resident to the property including the signatures of every team member that assisted in the turnover and preparation of the apartment. If commercial vendors are used for painting or carpet cleaning, include them for recognition.
  • Post cards or notices in the hallways or laundry areas, “Professionally Cleaned For You By …” This is appropriate for a staff member or a professional cleaning company.

img_0756Giving your maintenance team an opportunity to be recognized by residents is so much more rewarding, than the second hand thanks resulting when the office staff receives the thanks or feedback, and then repeats the conversation to the team.

Let’s give our team the credit that’s due to them, the opportunity for this positive feedback will encourage ownership in the turnover and cleaning responsibilities.  Everyone is going to know who’s cleaning the hallways and laundry rooms, so the work performed will be more carefully performed with a focus on the details.

Each of these recognition ideas demonstrates the pride we have in our team efforts.  Building an team environment focused on recognition creates ownership.

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One thought on “Three Cheers For Maintenance!

  1. Have maintenance accompany a new resident for their move in inspection. This will give maintenance an opportunity to point out the details, showing off the workmanship…….
    I like this, with our new Owners, it is the MS responsibility to walk through every move in with the new resident before the lease is signed..Talk about extra pressure….the reality, is ….you want to shine….so as you are preparing the unit…it tends to make you look at the finer details, stepping up the final product to show, thus creating a better turn!!!