The Value of Resident Appreciation in a Social Distance Environment

social distance

In the midst of social distance policies and reduced social interaction, the importance of resident appreciation has never been more important.

The quick moments of kindness and recognition have more impact than ever before.  We have residents that have self-quarantined.  As a result, some people are going days with little or no social contact.

Yes, we may to have to be a little more creative with packaging and distribution, but instead of limiting our activities with what we “can’t,” we can focus on what we “can.”

Resident Retention

Resident retention is more than lease renewals. A resident retention/ resident appreciation program builds customer loyalty. Residents appreciate knowing they are more than a “unit number” or a “rental payment.”

Breakfast on the GO can be an anchor for your resident appreciation program. Scheduling the event for the same day each month, first Tuesday, second Thursday, or even once a quarter can build systems and schedules to help them team make sure this important customer service attitude does not get lost in the busy-ness of our days. General Note…Mondays and Fridays, are more difficult days for this event.

It might take a few tries to determine best day, but in a short amount of time it can grow to be an expected event. Residents with a breakfast snack in hand can easily start talking about where they live when they arrive at work.

The beauty of Resident Appreciation events, is the high level of success simply based on distribution. The benefit of BOTG is we take the event to the residents. The challenge of scheduling conflicts, forgetting the event and RSVP regrets because after work can just be too much ..are all eliminated, because the event is literally placed in the travel route of the residents leaving the property.

Planning Ahead

While it doesn’t take a huge amount of time to prepare snack bags or print cute notes, planning for the next few months or the year will result in a stress free Resident Appreciation Plan.  Understanding that social distance will be continuing, simply requires that we incorporate sanitary preparation and a plan for remote distribution.

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