The Silent Treatment, Overcoming The Just Looking Response


Imagine a leasing consultant returning from an apartment tour.

It’s an apartment with a less than great view, it’s been vacant for 45 days. It’s on this weeks focus “hot” list.

The manager asks, “How did it go, did you get a deposit?”

The leasing response, “Great, they didn’t even comment on the view! They’re going to get back with me and let me know if they want the apartment.”

The manager investigates a little further, “What objections did they have? We’re you able to overcome them, what features and benefits did you use?

Challenging the Just Looking Response

The response from the leasing consultant is chilling, “They really didn’t say too much, they were just looking.”

Chances are the decision on this apartment has been made. The prospect probably won’t be returning.

Ask any sales person; retail, automotive,. The most difficult sale to close is the customer that’s “just looking.”

Just lookingWhen someone is “Just Looking”

A sales person:
-can’t overcome objections
-can’t create a sense of urgency
-can’t create interest in features and benefits

A skilled leasing professional isn’t going to be content with a “just looking” response.

Using Conversation Starters

A few open ended questions can change the direction of the conversation
-what do you like about where you live now.
-what are you looking for in a new home.
-is your current home convenient for your lifestyle?
-does your closet have enough storage for your shoes?image

Every person that enters a leasing office looking for an apartment is an opportunity for a twelve month lease.

If a prospect isn’t forthcoming about their opinion of the potential apartment home. Conversation starters are needed to help direct the leasing presentation.
-where would place your sofa?
-how many chairs for your kitchen or dining room table?
-tell me about your bedroom furniture.

Hearing the prospects thoughts and opinions will open the doors for overcoming objections, creating the “you, yours close”, or “if I could, would you…”

An experienced sales person knows the value of creating a relationship with their prospect.  This requires both confidence and a true interest on the part of our leasing team.

A leasing prospect that doesn’t have much to say will not not become a sale without changing the silent treatment into an effective conversation discussing the features of the apartment and the personal needs of the prospect.

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