The “A” Game, Performing At Your Best

A game

You’re ready to start your day. Fitness is complete. Heathy breakfast-check! Now you’re headed to work, will the next eight, nine or even ten hours be achieving results or waiting for the clock to hit 5 or 6 pm?

What do you plan to accomplish?

Will you tour a household through a potential new home?

Complete a lease renewal so a household has their housing needs confirmed for the next 12 months?

Housing Is A Critical Decision

Working in property management, dealing with housing decisions on a daily basis, its easy to become complacent about the importance of housing for an individual. Taking the time to remember the primary role housing provides could affect your general attitude with your prospects. Think in terms of Basic Psychology, Shelter is one the primary needs in the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs.

As a property management professional we assist families in securing one of the most important personal needs.

When answering the phone, think about how important this decision is to your prospect.

imageAre you bringing your A Game?

A management training video uses the Blue Angels Flying Team as an example. How critical is it for the members of this elite flying team to be absolutely focused every day? Answering a call about our apartments rental rate or availability, what does it mean to have your A Game? How important is answering the call? Are you ready? Do you know your availability? If an apartment is being turned when exactly will it be ready?

Coming into your office, are you prepared to help someone find a new home for their family? Make arrangements for repairs in their personal home? Or you be sitting in the office waiting for the time to pass?

Compensation for leasing staff is often debated. Salaried individuals receive their base pay regardless of the number of leases. Should the compensation for a leasing staff be structured in a manner more similar to real estate agents? Regardless whether the compensation is based on the sale of an apartment or an hourly base pay, remembering the impact of housing for a household may encourage us to take a little more time with the leasing call.

In response to the “How much is your rent?”question…we’re responding with, “Do you have a time frame for your move? What is important to you in finding a new home for your household?”

Start the day with the focus of a Blue Angelimage

  • Every phone call, or visitor to your office receives your full attention
  • A pretour inspection confirms the path to the model and your model apartment home are in tip top condition.
  • Complete guest cards and applications with attention to detail.
  • Confirm contact information for follow up.

Prospects will be thrilled with the attention they receive. Knowing this important decision is in the hands of a caring professional, your prospect will be signing their lease and moving in as quickly as possible.

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