Leasing Script Please, Award Winning Results!

imageTraining for new leasing staff usually includes the introduction of a leasing script.  A role playing scenario is offered and the squirming begins.  An individual with sales skills or a dynamic personality quickly explains a script isn’t necessary.  Truthfully, practice improves performance.  Practicing presenting features describing benefits and overcoming objections will improve leasing skills.

Using a script is not intended to limit the leasing conversation or to intimidate the team.  Using the motion picture industry as a theme can reinforce professionals using scripts.  The importance of written guide, and even the results.

Consider a comparison to the motion picture industry. When developing a film project, the writer, director and producer agree on a script. The scene is being filmed, an actor chooses to “go off script.” What’s next? Take Two. The management of the film expects to see the script performed.

When experienced leasing staff participates in refresher or advanced leasing skills training, the leasing script is quickly ignored since experienced leaders, “don’t need a script.”  Team members with years of experience often appear offended when trainers discuss a leasing script.

-They know how to handle a leasing call.

-They’ve been leasing for weeks/months/years.

-They have a great closing ratio.

-They get plenty of appointments.

When leasing calls are reviewed, the observations are often disappointing.

-Didn’t take control of the call.

-Responded to the “how much is the rent” question too quickly.

-Didn’t set an appointment, just encouraged the prospect to stop by sometime.

There are points to emphasize with a leasing script:

imageThe management company uses this tool to lease apartments.  No different than our software, brochures, uniforms or guest cards.  The leasing script is included in training to bring results.  It can be a model to be personalized.  Just as reviewing guest cards or traffic reports can identify leasing opportunities.  When the team follows the outline of a leasing script, hitting all of the key points strengthens the leasing presentation.
Award scriptsUsing a motion picture industry theme can create a positive and memorable training event.  Distribute sample dialogue in a bound cover, fun sunglasses and feather boas can set the scene for a fun event.  Use smartphones for audio and video clips for quick review of performance takes.  Practice makes perfect, following scripts can bring award winning results!

Increased Closing Ratios!

Increased Occupancy!

Increased Revenue!

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3 thoughts on “Leasing Script Please, Award Winning Results!

  1. I think the reason that experienced leasing staff have an aversion to scripts is because they feel it will end up sounding scripted and unnatural causing the person inquiring to feel turned off. The key to building scripts is focusing on the selling strategy instead of details and making sure they are flexible enough to allow leasing agents to put their personality into it. Thanks for sharing!