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craigsl listScheduling Craig’s List or Facebook Marketplace posts is almost as important as the content of the ads.

Craig’s List can provide a strong source of prospective residents for apartment homes in many markets.
The amount of quality traffic is directly related to the quality and quantity of Craigs List ads posted each day by the leasing team.

Users of Craig’s List, Facebook Marketplace or other Internet Service Providers will focus on the most current listings as they search for information.  Unless an individual is searching for a specific feature…

  • three bedroom,
  • short term lease,
  • covered parking etc;

Most individuals will not scroll through pages of posted advertisements.  The information contained on the first visible screen is going to receive the most attention, generating an email or phone inquiry to obtain more information.

Marketing teams will recommend posting new Craig’s List ads or refreshing existing ads several times through out each day.  However, in the very busy day of a leasing center;  its easy and predictable to lose track of time, forgetting to refresh or repost the Craig’s List ads.

Scheduling Reminders

craigs list scheduleAn easy reminder to update advertising is at your fingertips.  Cell phones have replaced alarm clocks in many homes.  The alarm feature is easy to use and always close at hand.  Using the alarm feature for scheduling Craig’s List updates can assist in keeping your properties advertising refreshed throughout the day.

We use the Smart phone to remind us of all appointments and commitments,  it seems logical to use the alarms to set reminders to update a costfree source of advertising.

First thing each morning..after posting your first ad of the day, set a series of alarms throughout the day to remind yourself to post a new ad or refresh your ad on Craigs List.

Professionalism, Spellcheck and Punctuation

Review ads closely before posting.  Using spellcheck and grammar check will minimize errors that lessen the professional quality of  the ad.  Reviewing ads from competitors will reveal pricing, specials and the focus of other properties in your market.

Investing minutes each day to update and refresh advertising will result in responses to the advertisements you’ve posted.  Do you find that Craig’s List provides a high percentage of prospective residents to your property?  Have you noticed any differences in posting often and refreshing several time during the day, as compared to posting once daily or weekly?  Agree, disagree, share your experiences in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Scheduling Craigs List

  1. My issue with this is trying to develop enough fresh, new ads to keep them updated. Lately my creativity has been nil, as I rewrite or update old ads to refresh them. Trying to change them out a few times a day will be quite a challenge, but I agree, likely more productive.

    I have used my cell’s alarm for a task reminder for some time now. My young boss thinks I’m strange, lol.

    As always, thanks for the great advice. I will work on some new ads and see if it makes a difference to change out throughout the day.

    • thanks for your comment! thanks for reading, keep in mind, that your prospects are changing constantly…most weren’t looking at ads, last week or even last might also check other markets, larger cities other states..see a different ad to get your creative ideas rolling…Thanks again! JKL! Just Keep Leasing!

  2. I am curious if you enable the map view / function on your Craigslist ads. Many prospects are looking in a specific geographic area, and they tell me they limit their search to that area, not just by searching on a ZIP code, but by zooming in on the map until they are seeing the properties in the desired location. This is much simpler for prospects than scrolling through hundreds of ads that are outside of their preferred geographic area. The one downside to multiple postings per listing per day is that all of these show up, stacked one on top of the other, in the map view.