Preventive Maintenance is Customer Service


Preventive Maintenance is customer service!  In fact, we should include preventive maintenance in our apartment presentation.  We can explain the benefits of this feature.  Unit inspections are often viewed by residents as an intrusion into the privacy of their home.  Properly introduced and explained, the required inspections can be appreciated as a customer service.   feature to improve the performance of the heating and cooling systems in the apartment.  This offers a benefit of saving on utility expenses in addition to improved performance of the mechanical systems.

Improving Performance

Explaining to residents its time to service the furnace, water heater or air conditioner in their home offers a positive explanation for this  necessary service.  Using language similar to an oil change reminder explains to residents that scheduled regular service will result in better performance for the systems in their home.

For instance, where residents pay utilities; natural gas, electricity or water, clean efficient systems can reduce the cost for operating the mechanical systems.

Leaving a notification that the service has been performed is essential.

The following service was completed in your home today:

This notification is a great tool to recognize great housekeeping or identify possible concerns.  Both for property records and to notify a resident of improper storage concerns.  Personal items placed near the furnace or water heater; housekeeping concerns are a few examples.  It is also important to provide information if additional maintenance is being scheduled.

Follow Up on Identified Repairs

ServiceThe positive tone of the notice will assist in the perception of this necessary apartment visit.  Responding in a timely manner to any repair concerns identified during the inspection is critical.   Residents will assume the presence of management and maintenance in their home will result in scheduling any repairs needed.  “Maintenance was here last week, I thought they would report the problem.”
Unit inspections and the resulting service requests are a time consuming function for the maintenance team.  Educate residents to understand the intent of the inspection is to service apartment systems.  This may reduce the variety of delays which occur when residents express concern about the need to enter their home.  Often residents will request to be home during the event or request a specific appointment time which complicates the maintenance schedule.

True,  leases include the language authorizing management to enter the apartment with appropriate notification.  An effective relationship with residents is much less confrontational if the resident understands and easily agrees to allow maintenance access to their home.

Unit inspections can be described as a featured service for your property.  Impress your prospects with the benefits!

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