Celebrating Team Recognition

New year’s celebrations.

Celebrating Team Recognition, and individual accomplishments is essential to employee retention. Team meetings are a great opportunity to celebrate team recognition.  We can make it more memorable by building the meeting around a theme. A fun theme to kick off the New Year is “The Team Toast.”  With the New Year’s Celebration fresh in our […]

Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas

Wishing good heath, happiness and family time to all of the members of the Property Management Industry. I always have a certain level of anxiousness approaching long, or extended holiday weekends. With a career that started and survived many midwest winters, it seemed that the first storms selected Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years for their […]

Increase Interest In Your Community

Apartment greeting

As we slide into the last few weeks of the year, it is important that we increase interest in our apartment communities.  We create our own reality, that “no one’ is looking for an apartment right now.  Which may, or may not be true…Sometimes things happen beyond an individuals control, and like or not…there are […]

Every Job Description Includes Marketing

job description

An important criteria in the hiring process for any apartment community is emphasizing how each and every member of the team is involved in marketing for the community.  Every job description includes marketing and customer service responsibilities. Marketing is not a department, states Jason Fried in his book Rework.  It’s described in a post by […]

Add A Newsletter To The Communication Toolbox

We communicate with our residents through a number of platforms.  Add a newsletter to your communication toolbox, this is an underestimated, easily accessible resource.  A community newsletter is a great way to communicate with your residents. However, in the busy life for a management team, the idea of a newsletter is yet another task in […]

Networking With Gratitude

networking gratitude

Amazing how a networking event creates gratitude.  A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a networking event with several of the colleagues that have influenced my career.  It encouraged me to take stock of the opportunity to meet, work with and the experiences this industry has provided. Thirty years ago, I was […]

Increase Resident Referrals

Customer testimonial message on light box at office desk with connected electronic devices

 Referrals continue as the most popular source of prospects to our community.  So, it only makes sense that we focus to increase resident referrals. We monitor the reviews and encourage satisfied customers to share their experience.  Even with a growing range of virtual experiences,  the leading influencer in both sending visitors to the community, but […]

Update Team Meeting Agenda With Recaps

Team Meeting In Creative Office

Update  Team Meeting Agenda with Recaps at the beginning and end of each day.  We can improve efficiency and effectiveness. The value of the team meeting is unquestionable. But the weekly team meeting is not the only occasion that we communicate with our team. Communicating Changes in the Daily Recap The team meeting agenda with […]