Outreach Marketing for Seniors Has Changed

“O” in the Senior Housing is More Than Bingo Series.

Outreach for Senior Housing

Outreach Marketing for Seniors has changed.  Connecting with today’s active independent senior requires a different focus in advertising campaigns.   It requires adjustments to the advertising efforts to capture their interest.

In the past, advertising for seniors was largely built around the strong influence of health care and medical needs. With the tag line, that 60 is the new 40, we’ve acknowledged a younger more vibrant population.  If we  limit advertising to sources affiliated with medical influences, we will miss out on a large portion of our target audience.

O is for Outreach

In this series, Senior Housing, Its More than BINGO, we’ve looked at several changing dynamics in Senior Apartment Living.  Seniors today are pursuing a “Better than Better than..” lifestyle.  The Seniors are Independent Individuals.  The sense of Neighborhood will play an important role in selecting an apartment home, and choosing to renew there.  Incorporating charitable activities, a focus on a Generous, Grateful nature; makes an apartment community more attractive.  The last piece in the BINGO series focuses on Outreach.  Using effective resources to inform prospects, their family, friends and even the local area about our apartment community. This discussion dedicated to the variety of outreach opportunities that will introduce your community to individuals that would find our community to be the right fit.

Effective marketing requires more than random ad placement to the web, local newspapers or other online advertisers.  This shot gun approach is not going to be effective for several reasons.

The plan if you build it they will come, is not accurate-especially if you are attempting to overcome a perception that is inaccurate.  In many cases, there is confusion between independent senior housing, assisted living or rehabilitation providers.

Create Referrals Through Business Contacts

Throughout every retail market, reviews and referrals are key.  You, as the manager create referrals by taking your product to local businesses.  We can influence local businesses to take an interest in our community.  This personal contact is the first step to create interest.

When we participate in the local chamber or other business association, we have an opportunity to introduce our community.  Getting involved offer to host a community events; such as a monthly membership meeting, or a realtor sales training.  If snacks or a door prize is involved.  People will attend.

Don’t Forget Realtors

Realtors are an important resource, and a great network to connect with.  Our seniors may be downsizing a home, an apartment home represents a carefree lifestyle.  An apartment is freedom from time consuming home maintenance and expensive unexpected repairs.  Hosting  open house events can be an opportunity to introduce the public to your community.

Testimonials Are Key

A large focus of the outreach efforts is to overcome the perception that we are not a fit for todays demographic of active seniors.  Personal testimonials can be effective for this.  Give the visual of  an apartment home or mini-model that shows a trendy stylish decorating.  Placing emphasis on the additional freedom to a life style

  • no household repairs
  •  no landscape chores,
  • no big ticket repairs that can derail financials like replacing a roof, a furnace or air conditioner.

With apartment living, an individual can pursue any hobbies, but they are not shackled to mowing the lawn twice a week, or the financial investment to pay a service for this maintenance.

An effective component for advertising are both reviews and testimonial’s .  More important than the staff describing how the community can be a good fit.  A current resident describing their experience is invaluable.  What they thought, how they have experienced and why they’re continuing to make this community their home.

This combination of resident referrals, and reviews create the reference point that new prospects will value when making a decision.  What do your residents love about their new home?  How is this carefree lifestyle giving them a “better than” lifestyle?

The combination of these ideas will put the Outreach efforts for your community in the right direction.  Outreach is not a quick fix for any occupancy dilemma, but as a regular activity on the marketing calendar, networking with local businesses will add valuable visits to your property.  Understanding how Outreach Marketing for Seniors  has changed will result in a marketing campaign the creates visits to your community.

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