Opportunity Is Calling

Answer the Phone!  Respond to the inquiry.  Many prospects will initiate their contact via email, or arriving onsite for a tour.  Just as many will call, with technology in everyone’s pocket, purse and dashboard.  The minute someone considers making a call, the send button is hit, and the call is in progress.image

Amazing technology is available to assist managers and leasing teams. It can analyze every aspect of the leasing process. A number of these resources focus on the ability to listen to leasing calls. Is the leasing person taking control, of the conversation? Was the price point question addressed too quickly? Were their repeated efforts to make an appointment to visit the property?

Learn From Tracking

The telephone tracking systems can identify many trends for properties. Which days have the most calls, what time are the calls received? But all too often, properties with occupancy problems, have one similar characteristic, Leasing calls are not being answered.

In our “Need It Now” society, most leasing prospects do not leave voicemail messages. If a prospect doesn’t connect with an individual to answer their questions and provide the needed information, they will move on to the next property on the list. In our age of technology and cell phones, get creative, make sure leasing calls are being answered. You won’t get a second chance!


A high percentage of leasing calls take place during the lunch hour. Proactive planning with the staffing schedule, can help make sure leasing staff is available so calls are answered. Closing down during the lunch hour also closes the door on many leasing opportunities. Think about your prospects, when do they have an opportunity to make phone calls or set appointments for future apartment homes? During their lunch hour, or on their way home from work.

Using cordless and cell phones can increase availability. It may seem illogical but a reasonable percentage of calls are received during the evening hours and weekends, sharing a phone responsibility for the “off hours” or using a call center can make sure prospects get immediate answers to their questions.

Committing to a response to every inquiry within 60 minutes creates an environment of prompt customer service quickly impressing prospects.

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