New Years Resolutions, Goals for the Property.

imageThe New Year represents a reference point for goal setting for many individuals.  Fitness commitments, quit smoking, lose weight are among the personal goals  that will use January 1 as a kick off date.

Property Goals

What are the goals for your community in 2015?
What is the result expected with the new budget?Are marketing initiatives in place to start seeing results immediately?

  • increase revenue?
  • controlled or decreased expenses?
  • improvements in occupancy?
  • improvements in rent collections?
  • decrease bad debt loss?
  • reduced resident turnover?
  • improvements to employee retention?

Team Ownership

As with any goal, without a plan to execute and achieve; it’s not going to happen.   The first team meeting of year is the perfect opportunity to share these expectations with the staff at the property.  Creating ownership with the entire staff shows them the purpose of their role every single day.  It gives them a reason for coming to work.  It emphasizes the importance of completing a turn done on schedule. Making sure every leasing call is asked for an appointment.  committing to follow-up calls for every leasing prospect.  Effectively explaining the importance of timely rent payments.


Tracking and monitoring progress toward the goals will demonstrate the results for everyone to see.

Are there individual or team resolutions that will benefit the performance of the team?new year property goals

  • No last-minute notifications of move in changes?
  • Ordering supplies on Monday to eliminate trips to the hardware?
  • Team Goals, training goals for employee development?
    Leasing Goals for Occupancy Performance?
    Service Request Completion Goals?
  • Committing to honor the preventive maintenance calendar?

imageEstablishing goals to grow in the workplace can change a job to a career. More than 30% of an individual’s life is time at their place of employment; making this a foundation for personal and professional development benefits not only the individual but the business as well.

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