My Recommendation For Your New Home

The Personalized Approach to Leasing

We are decision influencers when we offer a recommendation for a new home for our prospects.

We add a level of personalization to our apartment tours, when we include the prospects “must haves” with a response of, “Based on what you’re interested in,  I would recommend …”

You’ve added a touch of individualized service.

Personal experiences and first hand reviews will impress our prospects during the tour.  All of the reasons we like working at our community are endorsements of the features the apartment community offers.  We can support the community either as our work place, or as our home.

Personal Endorsement

How can the leasing team demonstrate their enthusiasm for their community?

  • “We have such a great, convenient location!  I love living here!
  • “Our maintenance team is the best!  Work orders are completed same day.  Our Maintenance Team is available 24/7 for emergencies.”
  • “The school system is highly rated.  They’re recognized nationwide for their results.”

The best leasing experiences are achieved when there is a connection between the prospect and the leasing team.  Once, a relationship is created;  started during the leasing tour, the connection carries through into the relationship when the prospect moves in.

The phone greeting and closing make a lasting impression on our prospects.  An enthusiastic personalized greeting makes the difference whether or not the prospect will have enough interest to schedule a tour and honor the appointment.  Without enthusiasm would the prospect even believe we have any interest in them, or will the be forgotten as soon as the next phone call is answered?

“I’m so glad you called today.  When you can you come and visit our community?  I’d love to give you a tour of our property and show you some apartments I think will meet your needs.”

The personal interest can be reinforced with the closing.  “Thanks again for calling today.  I’m looking forward to meeting you this afternoon at 2 p.m.  I know we’re going to find the perfect home for you.”

Decision Making

ReviewReviews and referrals heavily influence most purchasing decisions.  Selecting a home is no different.

While most shoppers consult posted reviews, comments and referrals. Leasing an apartment gives a unique opportunity to provide a first hand recommendation.  Whether it’s on the phone, or during the tour. The recommendation can be presented in person, strongly influencing the decision making.

The focus of the tour is the prospect.  Their needs, their want list, their must haves.  But enhancing the features and benefits with personal endorsements will make an impression.

“I love our walk-in closets!  They’re huge!  I think of them as drive in closets!”

“This is my favorite floor plan.  I can’t wait to see what you think of it.”

Advertising in the month of February is dominated with artwork displaying hearts for Valentines Day and Go Red for Women.  Adding some emotion to our sales presentation to build on the heart theme for February, creates a promise to our prospects,” You’ll Love Living Here!”

Share some things you love about your apartment community in the comments below!  Are you offering a personal endorsement on your leasing tour?

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