Make The Appointment So You Can Make the Sale


You’re finishing up the notes on a guest card. Your manager asks, “Was that a successful leasing call?” As a trained leasing professional, you start your mental checklist:

  • You didn’t give a price the first time the prospect asked, “How much is a two bedroom?”
  • You took control of the conversation.
  • You were able to answer all of the prospects questions, using descriptive phrases, and incorporating open ended questions of your own.
  • Your guest card is complete with the prospects contact information.
  • You know how the prospect heard about your property.

As you check off each of these objectives, you’re thinking, “That was a pretty good call, I used my skills, provided information, and gave a good sales presentation.”

But what truly is the goal of a leasing call?


The goal of the phone call is to create enough interest for the individual to make an appointment and visit the property.  The most important resource in the leasing tool kit is the apartment community.  This will become the prospects new home.  In most cases, we’re anticipating someone to commit, sight unseen, to one of our apartment homes.  We expect that they want to visit the property.  So that should be a priority in our conversation.

How quickly can you include the language “When can you visit our property?” into your leasing presentation?”

Determining whether the prospect lives in the area and the practicality of scheduling a tour of property can guide the leasing call; either focus on inviting the prospect to the property; or creating a virtual tour with photo or video resources.

Challenge yourself to incorporate three invitations to visit the property into every leasing call. We focus on our curb appeal and appearance of our model apartment homes to impress our prospects. This in-person picture can easily be worth the thousand words, let your property sell itself.

Remember the purpose of a leasing call; to make an appointment!


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2 thoughts on “Make The Appointment So You Can Make the Sale

  1. When a leasing professional says “would you like to make an appointment?” most people reply with “No. I’ll just stop by”. Here is a great way to get an appointment:

    Agent: “I can’t wait to help you choose your new home! Did you want to come by this afternoon, or would Saturday be better for you?”
    Client: “Actually, Saturday would be great!”
    Agent: “Terrific! I have an opening at 11:00 AM or at 2:00 PM. Which works better for you?”

    By narrowing down specific options, you force the prospective resident into an appointment, but in a very friendly and accommodating way. I have found that people who have appointments tend to actually keep them.

    One last step. Ask the prospect for their cell phone number with this statement: “Jenny, may I get your cell phone number? I only have 1 apartment home like this, and if we lease it before Saturday, I want to save you a trip.” By doing this, you are also sending a message of urgency. I have had many people decide to come out earlier instead of waiting for the weekend when I’ve used this technique. HAPPY LEASING!