Gains From Giving to Local Agencies

Part 4 in the BINGO Series

Gains From Giving

It’s possible to achieve occupancy gains from giving indirectly through the generous nature of your residents.  The donation of goods, services and sometimes financial support to local agencies and charities can actually factor in to a property’s marketing plan.  Senior citizens are often active volunteers.  There are a couple of ways volunteering can bring benefits to our community.   

First, offer opportunities to encourage resident involvement in neighborhood activities and programs.  Schools, churches and municipal programs can also benefit from volunteers 

  • Volunteer at local animal shelter 
  • After school programs with listening to children read. 
  • Meal delivery for individuals that lack transportation 
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or local pantry supply. 
  • Local landscape projects 
  • Assisting with community gardens both on and off site. 

Part 4 in the series about leasing to Today’ Seniors focus’ on the opportunities to incorporate Generosity and Gratitude into our lifestyles by volunteering.  This series following the outline established by the word Bingo, has taken a quick view at the Better Than Lifestyle, the Independence of this Age Group, and the value of a sense of Neighborhood as a Network. 

Seniors can volunteer to participate in after school programs with listening to children read.  Local schools can use volunteers in the classrooms or with ancillary activities at the school.  Making the space in your heart to give,  adds another connection to the community. 

One year a group of seniors from a local apartment community with partnered with the local police precinct.  The police who attended the Senior morning coffee shared a concern about children who didn’t have hats and gloves.  Several of the seniors responded with, if they had some yarn, they could knit or crochet .  The neighborhood policing officer went on the search and came back with bags and bags of donated yarn.  The seniors were busy for weeks crafting hats and mittens for children at the local school. 

Neighborhood networking at its finest!  Their generous nature benefited the children.  In addition to the positive referrals that resulted based on the experience.

Municipal services can use volunteers as well.  Local libraries, food delivery programs or staffing a local food bank.   Any of these connections, are one more reason an individual may eventually chose to renew because this portion of their social life is in the area.  They belong, they’re needed here, so they want to stay.  

Bsharing information or even partnering with local charities we can create a network of events that enhance our residents relationships with each other and the community.  This strengthens their relationship to our community as a home base. 

Some of the opportunities may not even require leaving the physical location of the property, we can assist neighbors in need with transportation or deliveries.  Walking dogs for neighbors that work or travel.   

There are many opportunities for an apartment community to contribute to a municipal event, that sometimes simply gets lost in the work day business.  Encouraging a resident to take the lead in planning an activity or community event gets the project going without pulling the leasing team away from their primary responsibilities.  

 An added bonus to fostering an environment of giving, volunteering is the potential for building this reputation for your community.  Being a community supporter or contributor will start to add local interest for your community, as your community name is listed in the regular participants in local events.  This is creating some general referrals without investing a single advertising dollar.  Your residents represent the property as a team in charitable events, and even have property name attire to benefit the local awareness.  The opportunities to contribute are many as a team, as an individual.  Partnering on social media for these community events creates awareness for all.  


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