The First Impression

Leasing apartments involves a series of “first impressions.”

What does the prospect think:
-on their first drive through of the property.image
-meeting with the leasing team.
-touring a furnished or unfurnished model.
-lastly, their first visit to their new apartment home.

Anyone with much property management experience will tell you; the memory of a bad move in never goes away. At the time of their fifth year lease renewal, you’ll still have the resident saying
“Remember how my carpet hadn’t been cleaned before I moved in and I had to clean it myself?”

It doesn’t matter that a concession was given for this inconvenience; or that you’ve walked her dog on days the resident had to work late, or that you’ve helped maintenance carry furniture upstairs when the delivery team from the store dropped the furniture at the front door to the apartment.

The first impression is the lasting memory.

Most management companies train with a policy, “NEVER show an apartment that isn’t 100% ready.” Newly hired leasing staff attempt to rationalize a variety of scenarios to justify reasons to show an apartment before its ready, ..out of town prospect, one of a kind floor plan…

Remember, the first impression is the lasting memory.

A prospect that tours an apartment that’s not ready will not forget the stain in the carpet or the musty odor in the bathroom.

Have you ever been eating a restaurant and noticed a spot of dried food on your plate? imageNOT YOUR FOOD? The staff at the restaurant will quickly remove the plate, bring you another order, but the rest of that meal…and maybe future visits to that restaurant will probably have you closely looking at the plates and silverware to make sure it’s really, really clean.

Planning for a move in, focusing on detail will create the environment for a move in with no deficiencies. A perfect move in, can give you a perfect first impression. A perfect foundation for a relationship with your new resident.

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