Creating 2020 Vision For Your Community

2020 vision

Its time to get your 2020 vision in place for the New Year. A team meeting is a perfect time to celebrate the  successes and accomplishments for 2019 and talk about where 2020 could take each member of your team.  This includes both professional goals  and personal growth.

Would your team members be surprised to learn that your community has goals for the year as well?  Explaining the dynamics of the measures that document growth might suprise your team.  We can explain the difference between actual days occupied against a month end occupancy.  A discussion of increasing costs might provide a better  understanding the reasons for rent increases.  These discussion points will include the team in the business plan for the property.

We also want to acknowledge the property accomplishments.

  •   How many apartments leased?
  • The number of  work orders completed?
  • The total number of  turnovers that were performed.

In addition to revenue results, there’s the impact of  bad debt.  Every metric that we use has the opportunity to be celebrated.  The more information we share with our team the more they understand their role in making the business a success.  Recognizing their contribution reinforces the ownership, giving them substantially more buy- in.  This takes us past

“Simply, this is my job…maybe I go to work, maybe I don’t …There’s an impact if the call off…it could mean a family doesn’t get to move into their home on time.”

And in most cases we don’t have another person that we can give the work too, if someone calls off..there’s a delay because something else isn’t going to get accomplished.

Asking about the 2020 vision doesn’t have to be about a challenge.  It’s the opportunity to make your mark in the next year.

2020 visionGiving every one the opportunity to reflect and plan..maybe even with a worksheet then the brave souls can share.

We know how much time we spend with our teams so sharing dreams can be a great support.  Whether its losing weight, learning a new skill..what are you looking forward to in 2020?  Things that were hard in 2019, are a little bit easier, because of the knowledge that we’ve gained..or the ways we’ve found to support each other.

Including time in our weekly recaps to acknowledge personal achievements makes sure that our employees know that we see them as an individual.

Employee recognition is one of the strongest factors that influence employee satisfaction with their employment.

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