Celebrating Team Recognition

New year’s celebrations.

Celebrating Team Recognition, and individual accomplishments is essential to employee retention.

Team meetings are a great opportunity to celebrate team recognition.  We can make it more memorable by building the meeting around a theme.

A fun theme to kick off the New Year is “The Team Toast.”  With the New Year’s Celebration fresh in our thoughts, having a theme with party hats and champagne flutes can make the first meeting of the year memorable.

A toast, as used at weddings and celebrations is a public gesture of celebration.  Using toasts, we can celebrate the team accomplishments. This creates an opportunity for the team to experience recognition for their efforts.

Celebration Meeting Theme

With a “Toast” theme,  the team can be challenged to toast (not roast) their colleagues.  It can be an opportunity to recognize previous year accomplishments.

  • Total Number of Move Ins
  • Improved Safety Inspections
  • Increased Occupancy
  • Improved Rent Collections
  • Inspection Scores
  • Satisfaction Scores on Service Orders

Sample toasts, giving suggestions can be helpful.  Cue cards can be prepared in advance.  Setting up cards with fill in the blank options.  This provides an opportunity for everyone to participate without experiencing frustration or embarrassment.  Offering advance preparation can make sure recognition is offered for all.

celebrate team recognitionThe menu for the meeting includes juice or sparkling water served in plastic champagne style flutes; the entrée for the breakfast menu, french toast.  Of course!

Meeting With Purpose

The team meeting communicates the schedule for the week. Scheduled move ins, move outs, preventive maintenance, represent important items for every member of the team. Taking time to offer recognition in team meetings emphasizes the value of the team.

Team meetings are often unappreciated.  Viewed as a waste of time, occasionally eliminated from the weekly schedule.

  • We don’t have time.
  • There isn’t that much to cover.
  • A team member is absent or scheduled away.

For each member of the team to appreciate the importance of their role, the explanation of weekly goals is imperative.  The contribution of every team member is essential to a successful week.

Creating a fun atmosphere for the team meeting will initiate a positive attitude for the meeting.  In addition, the content of the meeting becomes memorable with the repetition points.  Eating french toast, offering toasts of recognition and encouragement, while discussing the goals and schedule for the week.

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