Three Tips for Preparing Your Community For An Emergency

Emergency contacts

  Emergency Contact List Keeping the Emergency Contact List updated is the first step for a property’s emergency plan. This includes a reminder to contact alarm companies or other support service providers with changes in telephone numbers or staffing.  This should be included on the team meeting agenda.  When an alarm company is unable to […]

Could A Thank You Every Day, Keep The Move Outs Away?

How often are residents thanked for the choice to live at our community?  Demonstrating resident appreciation in the smallest ways, can have surprising and rewarding returns. Most choices for housing involve long-term commitments, buying a house or a condo, requires a mortgage. Individuals who rent can make a change in an instant.  Granted breaking a […]

Preventive Maintenance, Taking The Time Saves Time


How do you find the time to include preventive maintenance in a schedule that is hard to predict?  The volume of service orders varies from day to day.  Leasing always seems to need the one apartment that isn’t ready. “Preventive Maintenance can save time, and money for maintenance operations.  Building components like a water heater, […]

The Value of a Move In Concession

The value of dollars off move in specials and discounted rent concessions is often discouraged by marketing experts.  Some of the negative impact from concessions are: -The value is short lived. -Impacts renewal rates. -Frustrates existing residents. Matching the Market In many markets, property managers experience competition where every property is utilizing concessions. The prospect […]

Marketing by the Numbers

Marketing numbers

And the collective cry is heard across the land…marketing types don’t do numbers!  They’re creative, spontaneous, outgoing not the introverted analytical number crunchers. Numbers and marketing?  Might be the equivalent of water with the Wicked Witch of the West. Savvy advertising gurus long ago embraced the role of mathematics in analyzing marketing needs. What is […]

The Key to Satisfactory Results, Inspect What You Expect

Assignments are given.  Training is provided.   No one reports any deiciencies at the end of the day. No one reports work orders have not been completed.  The turnover prep scheduled to be complete, isn’t quite finished. The manager and supervisors end the day with the perception that all scheduled work is complete.  The disconnected […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! The Opportunities in Property Management

opportunities in property management

This title from a Dr. Seuss favorite, is the best description for a response to an inquiry about opportunities for challenges and advancement in Property Management.  A career in property management is different than many occupations. Success is measured by results. Special emphasis needs to be offered to individuals newly hired into the industry.  Unlike […]

An Ounce of Fire Prevention

October is Fire Prevention month.  Hosting community activities supporting this theme tells your resident your interest in them extends beyond their rental payment and the terms of their lease. Using daylight savings time as a focus point to change batteries in smoke detectors won’t occur in October in 2015 due to some legislative finagling that […]

“Just Because,” Explanations Don’t Replace Exceptional Service

The grounds look rough because maintenance is on vacation. The leasing staff was frustrated with a new policy so they were abrupt with a prospect on the phone. The turn process took longer than anticipated because the cleaner is being trained. The manager didn’t return the call because they were waiting for more information. The […]