The Key to Satisfactory Results, Inspect What You Expect

Assignments are given.  Training is provided.   No one reports any deiciencies at the end of the day. No one reports work orders have not been completed.  The turnover prep scheduled to be complete, isn’t quite finished. The manager and supervisors end the day with the perception that all scheduled work is complete.  The disconnected […]

Executing and Recording The Move In Inspection

The  move in inspection is a document with serious legal ramifications. Without a complete and executed move in inspection, management has no documentation to show the condition of the apartment at the time of move in.  An executed document shows the resident accepted the condition of the apartment with whatever notated findings. There are several […]

New Years Resolutions, Goals for the Property.

The New Year represents a reference point for goal setting for many individuals.  Fitness commitments, quit smoking, lose weight are among the personal goals  that will use January 1 as a kick off date. Property Goals What are the goals for your community in 2015? What is the result expected with the new budget?Are marketing […]

An Ounce of Fire Prevention

October is Fire Prevention month.  Hosting community activities supporting this theme tells your resident your interest in them extends beyond their rental payment and the terms of their lease. Using daylight savings time as a focus point to change batteries in smoke detectors won’t occur in October in 2015 due to some legislative finagling that […]

For The Record, Noting Capital Improvements On The Annual Inspection

The move in inspection provides important documentation for both the resident and the management agent. This document verifies the condition of the apartment at the time of move in. Items in a worn condition are noted. This provides a baseline for the comparison at move out, supporting the assessment for charges for damaged items. During […]

Its Not Slow if the Completion Date is a Secret, Communicating Expectations

It’s the end of the work week, the maintenance supervisor reports to the property manager, “the new guy isn’t going to make it. He’s too slow! It took him three days to paint an apartment.” The pace for the maintenance workflow is critical. Repairs must be timely, a customer guarantee usually insures most service requests […]