Winning with a Team Meeting Agenda

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I’m often reminded of the Chicken Soup for the Soul story, where a member of the janitorial staff at NASA was asked about their job.  The response, “I help put people into space, and we’ve put a man on the moon.” See how the goal and successes of the TEAM was the immediate response. In […]

Adding Action to the Product, Price, People, Promotion Analysis

Monthly, quarterly, weekly, or at least annually; organizations expect an update of the property marketing plan.  Dutifully, plans are submitted to the appropriate source for review.  Task complete…Thirty, sixty, ninety days later, update plan.  Task complete, check the item off the TO DO list.  The value of the plan is lost without scheduling tasks to […]

Six Things Every Property Manager Should Know About Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance is one of the most important seasonal contracts. As the weather conditions improve, we can sense leasing season is about to begin.  Two items bring prospects to our leasing center.  They are our leasing skills, and the appearance of the community.  Our curb appeal is the first impressions we offer our prospects. Our […]

Creating A Personal Endorsement of Your Community


The influence of reviews, published and personal is the determining factor in many purchasing decisions.  Leasing apartments is no exception.  Prospective residents research rating and review pages searching for an endorsement for the apartment community they are considering. Personal experiences and first hand reviews will impress our prospects during the tour.  All of the reasons […]

Welcome To The Marketing Team!

Everyone Is Marketing

Welcome to the Marketing Team. Marketing is not a department, states Jason Fried in his book Rework.  It’s described in a post by Vincent Huberta, ”Marketing is something everyone in your company is doing 24/7/365.“ An important criteria for maintenance interview is the responsibility of customer service.  This new team member will represent the community. […]

Gains From Giving to Local Agencies

Part 4 in the BINGO Series

Gains From Giving

It’s possible to achieve occupancy gains from giving indirectly through the generous nature of your residents.  The donation of goods, services and sometimes financial support to local agencies and charities can actually factor in to a property’s marketing plan.  Senior citizens are often active volunteers.  There are a couple of ways volunteering can bring benefits […]

Welcoming the Independent Senior Citizen

Part 2 in the BINGO for Seniors Series

Independent Senior

Independent is one of many characteristics included in the description of the current population fitting the definition of Senior Citizen.  I started my career in multi-family housing at a location developed for seniors.  The lifestyle experienced by seniors today is strikingly different than the people who lived in my communities. Second in the BINGO series, […]

Property Performance Progress; Analyze and Adjust

Is your property ready for a mid-year report card?  With the end of June, just days past, take this opportunity to review your property’s achievement or progress toward its goals. is occupancy meeting or beating projected results? how do the year to date expenses compare to the budget?  How do they compare to the expense […]