Asking “Is Your Move In Date Flexible?”

Asking “Is your move in date flexible?“, can be the perfect response when a prospect indicates they have no immediate  relocation plans. Leasing professional are occasionally frustrated by the prospect that’s looking for an apartment today, but no plans to move? Consider, that there may be more to the story. I’ve been a member of […]

Pricing That’s Just Right For You

Does your property offer “Just Right” pricing? If its an affordable property, it probably does.  This unique perspective is often overlooked. Leasing presentations for affordable housing usually focus on regulations and the administration of the policies in the agency program. Instead we can place the focus on the applicant, offering personalized service.  Not unlike a sales person […]

“Spring Forward” Is a Preventive Maintenance Reminder

spring forward

The phrase, Spring Forward is a schedule reminder for Preventive Maintenance. The change to Daylight Savings Time is a calendar point when  residential home owners are encouraged to check the smoke detectors in their homes. Apartment residents can benefit by being encouraged to do the same. Time and time again, fires are reported with fatalities. […]

The Value of Resident Appreciation in a Social Distance Environment

social distance

In the midst of social distance policies and reduced social interaction, the importance of resident appreciation has never been more important. The quick moments of kindness and recognition have more impact than ever before.  We have residents that have self-quarantined.  As a result, some people are going days with little or no social contact. Yes, we […]

The Importance of Time Management for the Maintenance Team

time management

Whenever some one mentions the importance of time management, the first thought  centers on improvements to the administrative operations at an apartment community. Time Management offers huge opportunities to improve maintenance operations as well. It seems the frustration of not enough time plagues the maintenance team, as often as the leasing staff. It was a […]

Adding Employee Experience to Your Features

Possibly the most valuable asset in property management is employee experience. Properties with tenured, long time employees benefit from: development of annual systems. they have noticed, realized and anticipate occupancy trends. they create and build relationships with residents, which improves resident communication, rent collection and resident retention. Preventive maintenance is incorporated into the monthly schedule […]

My Recommendation For Your New Home

The Personalized Approach to Leasing

We are decision influencers when we offer a recommendation for a new home for our prospects. We add a level of personalization to our apartment tours, when we include the prospects “must haves” with a response of, “Based on what you’re interested in,  I would recommend …” You’ve added a touch of individualized service. Personal […]

Put An Apartment Virtual Tour In The Leasing Toolkit

Download Your Apartment Virtual Tour Checklist

leasing tool kit

  Having an apartment virtual tour has never been more important. When the Covid 19 restrictions were announced in March 2020; many apartment managers scrambled, thinking how they would lease apartment homes with limited access to provide apartment tours in the future. Take a few minutes to look at the contents of your leasing tool […]