National BINGO Month! A Theme For Daily Tasks.

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December is National Bingo month.  Try creating a Bingo card with leasing, maintenance or administrative tasks to create a fun environment for some team theme

Layering the daily tasks for the month with a theme, such as Bingo can build some friendly competition.  The theme can add an element of fun to the daily work tasks.  Our team members spend at least eight hours a day together.  That is a third of every day.  Its a much higher percentage of active time if you take away the hours an individual sleeps.  Opportunities for competition and comraderie will add interest to the work place.  The BINGO game could have a task card with clues about other team members.

Scavenger Hunts are also used to add a game element to tracking tasks.  A scavenger hunt could be used to track findings on unit inspections, a property inventory or an Outreach Marketing Challenge.  Recognition for the winner of the event, and presentation of the winning award add to the festive atmosphere.

Study after study shows individuals look for much more than the financial compensation from their employment. Recognition, appreciation, and a positive team environment are among the components that create a supportive workplace.

Evaluating a property’s performance, the value of an experienced staff is always quickly identified as a key contributor to success.  Adding games and challenges can bring a fresh perspective to regular tasks that might become ignored or approached with a less thorough attitude.  Competition with team structures, or individual challenges can be effective in bringing fun to the workplace. Creating activities that encourage employees to look forward to what will happen at work, make the workplace better for everyone.

There are any number of calendars that identify fun themes for specific days, the week, the month. Use them to create themes for team meetings, resident appreciation or a marketing tool for outreach with prospects or businesses.

Develop an activity to Play With People! Have fun every day!

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