Back To School, A Lifetime Commitment to Learning

As children head back to school, this is a good time to outline training/learning expectations for our on-site teams.

First as leaders, managers should set the example, attending training classes, participating in webinar and sharing ideas obtained from industry publications. Including training objectives in the weekly calendar can prevent the last minute cancellations, “we were too busy trying to finish a turnover for a move in, so we couldn’t participate”excuse.

Recognize individuals that pursue training and self-development on their own. Give individuals an opportunity to share a new idea or procedure with the team, during weekly meetings.image

A mind set that once a job is learned, no additional training is needed, might be challenged with an observation of professional athletes. Homerun hitters talk about batting practice, baseball pitchers work with as pitching coach to perfect or strengthen a new pitch. Football teams watch film to see what plays were executed correctly and why other plays were not. Practice makes perfect.

Individuals who are committed to self improvement are open and excited for opportunities to learn. Inquiries about learning something new might provide some interesting insights during the interview process.

Establishing monthly objectives for team members to complete with recognition, competency testing and achievement levels will support an education initiative. Requiring completion of course work, online, video or “read this, and sign this acknowledgement form” will result in minimal learning value without follow up to apply the material. Simply requiring completion of specific courses by a due date often results in a marathon of back to back training courses, which meets the criteria but results in minimal learning.

Including time in every weekly team meeting for sharing of new ideas,will encourage involvement and participation. Providing details for local and Internet training schedules will demonstrate that a manager is supportive of a training environment and has confidence that further education will develop the employee for future responsibilities and possible advancement.

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