5 Keys To Improve Email Effectiveness

Smartphone With New E-Mail Message Notification Lying On Computer Keyboard

We use email both to communicate internally with our teams and externally with our prospects and social connections.  We have become increasingly dependent on email as our vehicle to communicate.  Today, while at work a person probably receives over 100 emails a day.  There are several keys to improve the effectiveness of your email. Depending on […]

Building A Preventive Maintenance System

Smoke detector and small house on blueprint drawing background. Fire safety system. 3d illustration

Having a system is key to a successful process.  Building a preventive maintenance system can creative seasonal efficiencies and eliminate the endless check on this inspections that seem to occur too often.  Preventive Maintenance is one of the most underappreciated systems in property management. Often overlooked, and pushed aside as too busy, preventive maintenance can […]

Saving Money On Maintenance Supplies

Rows of boxes with bolts in hardware store closeup

Apartment Managers can become obsessive about saving money on maintenance supplies.  Sometimes the efforts to justify pricing from supplier A over supplier B have grown to simply outweigh the savings that might have been achieved.  When you evaluate the savings, you need to include the hours of surfing, researching and shopping.  Only to find that […]

Add Authenticity With Resident Testimonials

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We can add authenticity to our leasing presentation when we include resident testimonials .  In addition, there are many ways we can add these endorsements to our virtual tours and social media advertising. Using features and benefits is a tried and true leasing presentation style. But as our prospects are more and more influenced by […]

The Power of Preventive Maintenance

Man repairing kitchen furniture

The power of preventive maintenance is woefully underestimated.  The act of changing an air filter is probably as unglamorous and unrecognized as any task that our team faces on a daily basis.  Have you ever received a comment card that stated, “Tom changed my air filter today?  He’s my hero!” Yet, this simple service; installing […]

Keep A Leasing Call Positive

Man having video call with colleagues

Keeping a leasing call positive is the foundation for the first impression.  As the leasing inquiry begins with a question.  Its 50/50 will the answer be yes or no? We don’t have any three bedroom apartments. We don’t supply washing machines and dryers in our apartment homes. We don’t have any one bedrooms available.. We […]

Onboard Experience For A New Employee

A person figurine with a question mark

“Call if you have any questions,” is often the closing comment for an onboard experience for a new employee. This short phrase, six little words could be the first step to failure for a newly hired or recently promoted individual. As the supervisor, the team leader, it appears that we are always available; “just call,” […]

Three Keys to Unlock The Marketing Plan

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There are three keys to unlock the monthly marketing plan. We need to evaluate and analyze our occupancy. Between the homes that are currently vacant.  Adding the exposure for upcoming renewals.  Then consider the apartments that are on notice;.  We can then determine whether or not we have a sufficient number of interested prospects for […]