Asking “Is Your Move In Date Flexible?”

Asking “Is your move in date flexible?“, can be the perfect response when a prospect indicates they have no immediate  relocation plans. Leasing professional are occasionally frustrated by the prospect that’s looking for an apartment today, but no plans to move?

Consider, that there may be more to the story.

I’ve been a member of the property management industry my entire adult life.  Other than the occasional competition shop, I can honestly tell you that I have never randomly visited an apartment community and asked for a tour just to occupy some time.

But I’ve experienced the frustration with responses to  “When are you planning to move?”

  • -I don’t know
  • -no definite plans
  • -when school gets out
  • -in the fall
  • In the summer
  • Anytime but now….

Here’s where we go wrong.  We’re satisfied with this non-answer.

move in date flexible

Keep Asking Questions

If someone indicates they have plans to move anytime in the future.

That is still a lot to work with.  And here’s the key question….the airlines use it, and we should too!

“Are your moving plans flexible?”

There’s a very real possibility that our prospect isn’t being completely honest about their moving plans.  They’re afraid we will try to force them to make a decision before they’re ready.

With no pending moving day, they don’t have to commit.  In turn, we don’t ask the closing the lease question because we’re not talking about a specific apartment home, because they’re plans are too far in the future.  But we can still have a closing approach.

What Would It Take

If the situation was right, would they? Could they chose to move today?

Can we show them impress our prospects with the apartment value and urgency that they consider how a move might work for them.  The can determine if their move in date is flexible.

Is there a reason they want to wait until fall?  Are they committed to a lease, a new job? Life is too busy to move right now?  We need to be willing to ask a few more questions.

But why did you chose to tour today?

Whether they plan to move today, or 6 months from now, we’re going to give them a great tour.  We can encourage them to consider whether or not they could move now.

We can’t predict availability or pricing.  If there’s an apartment that’s perfect, not many chances of a similar apartment being available with their timing

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