Apartment Accessories Make Lasting Impressions

Sink and personal hygiene accessories in bathroom
Sink and personal hygiene accessories in bathroom

Sink and personal hygiene accessories in bathroom

Adding apartment accessories can be the pop of color to make a model tour memorable.

The apartment tour is our presentation of our product.

Every available apartment is a potential home to tour with our prospect.

When our prospect wants a tour of future homes, we can provide a tour of either furnished or unfurnished homes.

There are several terms on the list of property management vocabulary, that are industry standards, but not marketing friendly.

  • Unit
  • Project
  • Tenant

I’d add “vacant” to this list.  Who wants to tour a vacant apartment?

Make It Memorable

There are several tools to create a lasting impression with an unfurnished model home.

Adding accessories to an area of the apartment, or decorating around a seasonal theme creates a Mini Model.

Advantages to Mini Models are

  • inexpensive to set up
  • can be quickly changed with the season.
  • moving to a new location takes minutes.
  • pops of color or unique accessories can be the reference point when we’re reviewing apartment choices.

But the preparation of a mini model requires planning and preparation.

imageA hodge podge of abandoned furniture will not improve the marketing presence of the apartment, (with evergrowing concerns about bedbugs…this could create a whole new range of problems.)

Mini Model Supplies

A mini-model can fit any budget.

Model themeMini models can be structured with budgets ranging from $25 to $100.  The presence of kitchen, bath, closet or laundry accessories can soften the stark appearance of an unfurnished apartment home.

Mugs, hot chocolate, and a basket of star shaped marshmallows offers a focal point in the apartment.   A sink full of yellow rubber ducks or a themed shower curtain are quick easy options.  Following the popular trend with charcuterie supplies, display a board with boxed crackers and accessories.

A typical prospect will look at four to six apartments (at different communities) during their apartment search.  Mini model accessories can be the item that helps an apartment stand out in a prospects memory.

The mini model accessories can become the move in gift for the new resident. This small addition to the featured apartment gives both the leasing staff and the prospect a conversation started for features and benefits. The prospect leaves the property remembering the apartment with the spaghetti basket or the frog shower curtain.

Model Delights

Randomly placing “Resident Delights” can add a fun element to tours, creating spontaneity.

Opening a freezer to find a sign with treats, “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” Taking the time for a quick snack allows more conversation with the prospect.

imageKeeping leasing tours fresh with a variety of quick mini models adds some excitement for the leasing team. A property doesn’t have to support an extensive marketing budget to make an impression with available apartment homes.

Some of my favorite mini models are:

Are you a mini model creator?  What’s been your favorite mini model moment?

Here are some links to some fun accessories that will make your mini model memorable.  Your support, shopping through these links is appreciated.

Super Hero Shower Curtain

Rubber Duck Extravaganza

Charcuterie Spread

Italian Dinner Basket








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