Add Authenticity With Resident Testimonials

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We can add authenticity to our leasing presentation when we include resident testimonials .  In addition, there are many ways we can add these endorsements to our virtual tours and social media advertising.

Using features and benefits is a tried and true leasing presentation style.

But as our prospects are more and more influenced by reviews of past and present residents, finding an opportunity to use resident testimonials to describe features can add authenticity and create some additional opportunities.

Be Specific

To be clear, this isn’t a generic, “I love living here statement.”  Although we love those too!

I’m suggesting collecting feedback from your residents about a feature they love in their apartment home.

  • I have 40 pairs of shoes in my walk in closet!   Ashley.  Resident since 6/2019
  • My wide screen tv was easy to install with the prewired connection in the living room.   Marcus.  Resident Since 3/2020
  • The icemaker means I’m always ready for a party.   Rachel .  Resident since 12/2020
  • The natural daylight from the two windows in the bedroom has my houseplants thriving!     Nichole.  Resident Since 5/2019

Challenge your residents to give you a descriptive feature of their home, and why it works for them.  With any challenge, there needs to be acknowledgement for those that participate.   And a prize for the best ten comments that will be featured in our social media and other advertisements.  With these unique reviews, a social media post of “10 Reasons You’ll Love Living At Our Community” can be created.  Selfies with the features add to the fun and make the content more valuable.

With Permission, Use Liberally!

Likes in Social Media

Whether it becomes part of your narrative on a personal tour or you add with conversation bubbles to display these comments on a feature.  The importance lies in giving credit to the source of the comment.

The comments and the attributes can be included in our video tours again as conversation bubbles.  And we can add the conversation bubbles to our photos of these features, with the residents permission for use of first or nickname…Lisa says….    Who’s Lisa?  She could be your neighbor if you chose to lease this beautiful apartment home.

The impact of these testimonials snippets, are first hand experiences.  Instead of sharing what we have observed or what we imagine as benefits for features at our community, we’re sharing our residents personal experiences.  We’re adding authenticity with the use of these testimonials.


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