Twas The Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, across all the land,

Not a creature was stirring, no leases at hand.

The banners were hung across the property with care,

In hopes the prospects would find their way there.

The team was gathered, in the leasing center together

Hoping to hear praise on the meeting agenda.

The Manager had her Ipad and Iphone in hand.

App, Inspections and Reports could be recalled on demand.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

they ran to the window to see what was the matter,

They opened the blinds in a hurry,

but with snowing and blowing, the view was too blurry.

The exterior lighting, recently checked, was a glow.

The grounds had been cleared of the new fallen snow.

When what to their eyes should appear.

A four wheel SUV driven by the Regional Team filled with Christmas cheer.

Now Leasing!, Now Admin! Now Maintenance and Grounds!

Accounting, Payroll, HR and Analysts abound!

“To the top of the charts, Results higher than last!

Grow the Business!  Grow the Business! More Growth than the Past!”

Then at a twinkling they arrived at the door

The clapping and cheering, “Please give us more!”

As we held our breath, preparing our greeting

They charged through the door, this was no regular meeting!

Season leasingSanta Hats on their heads, baskets of goodies in tow,

Wearing Ugly Sweaters, to create smiles where they go.

Singing Christmas Carols, lined up in a row,

The support from Management they wanted to show.

Teamwork! Customer Service. its all in place.   Performance at this property puts a smile on our face!

“Occupancy!  Collections!”  They cheered their support!

“We want you to know it’s more than a report.”

Handshakes and hugs, Appreciation to Share,

The holiday spirit was in the air.

Snacks, cookies and cocoa were given to the crew!

Thanks for all the hard work that you do!

They refilled the travel cups, and picked up their hats.

“We’ve more places to visit, spreading cheer!  Its not all about stats!”

To the four wheeler they ran, loaded up in a second, They were on their way , off into the night

But I heard them exclaim as they drove out of sight,

Happy Christmas to all, and to all A Good Night.

Lori Hammond
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Lori Hammond

Thirty plus years experience in an industry best characterized as "no two days are the same" provides the foundation for Lori Hammond's experience in Property Management.With education and career experiences in Mid-Michigan, the audience for the blog Property Management Minutes is growing.Connect with her on , Linkedin, and on Blog.
Lori Hammond
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