Tips To Continue Referrals From Valued Residents


We constantly analyze guest cards.  Identifying any trends or adjustments in how prospects are learning about our community.  With increasing exposure on a variety of internet locations,  general referrals and “word of mouth” continue to dominate the source of prospective residents.

ReferralWhy are these people talking about your community?

In some cases, it is your current residents.  They are referring friends and families in response to the offer of a resident referral.  An opportunity for some cash in their pocket or a discount on rent.

Another source of referrals are the satisfied former residents.  It’s always a pleasure and a true sign of satisfaction when residents return to your property.  Social media makes it easy for an individual that has moved to another city to keep in touch with former colleagues or friends.  It only takes a second for someone to ask,”Did you like the apartment community you were living at before you moved?”  Creating contact tools to maintain a steady stream of communication with former residents could increase possible referrals.

Keep In Touch

Asking departing residents if their email will remain the same or confirming a forwarding address to keep in touch provides the information to start a special mailing or distribution list.  The relationship built through the leasing and residency tenure can easily extend as a resident moves to a new location.  Letting a resident know they will continue to be a member of the extended community family demonstrates the value of this relationship.
ReferralSending thank you notes to residents after their move out, extending appreciation for the time they chose to live at the property and an offer for returning resident of a discounted application fee or dollars off first months rent could be a scheduled outreach activity each month.

This mailing (distribution) list can be used to send community newsletters and other marketing flyers.  Former residents can receive information about activities at the community and enjoy seeing pictures or hearing about former neighbors.

Thank You For The Referral

Acknowledging the source of a referral will let the individual or business know their referral is appreciated.  Thank you notes, gifts or personal visits to recognize these efforts will not go unnoticed.   Taking a few minutes sending thank you notes and emails recognizing the customer loyalty will give former residents something to talk about, and the resident referrals will continue to provide a solid source of traffic for the property.

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