Lights Out!

The Challenge

Maintaining exterior parking lot and building entry lights is an ongoing challenge for many property managers. During daily/weekly tours of the property when we monitor and inspect for any potential repair or safety items, the exterior lighting is often overlooked. The lights are not illuminated, because its daytime.

Exterior lighting is an important service to our residents.  It illuminates the parking lots, streets and building entrances.  Exterior lighting creates a sense of safety.  Without any reports of lights out, it is assumed that lights are operational.  Then a resident comes to the office to report that his car was broke into, or vandalized, or even worse, a resident falls.  The concern for the resident, moves to another area of concern with the dreaded words, “the light by my building hasn’t worked for weeks.” For risk management, without documentation it’s difficult to establish the accuracy of this resident’s claim.  Have we provided the expected service to maintain the exterior lighting?

An Opportunity

We can take advantage of the occasions when the maintenance staff is called out for emergencies in the evening. Establish a policy for the on call/emergency call staff. Each week, on the first occasion the staff receives a call out, an inspection of the property exterior lighting is completed. Use a map of the property, with each of the exterior light posts or building wall mounted lights already identified; the on call staff can mark the map with date and time.   The log verifies either lights are operational or in need of repairs.

Including this inspection to the preventive maintenance schedule will create a system to insure the lights are inspected with regularity.  As maintenance turns in the weekly report.  The report is reviewed to identify any problem areas.

LightingRepairs can be scheduled if needed and the property can show a log.  The report documents the status of the lighting.  This demonstrates the lights are inspected and maintained.

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