Find The “Cup Holders, ” Selling the Hidden Features


You probably know someone who has recently purchased a new vehicle.   It’s all about the touch screen features, navigation, blue tooth, wi-fi connections, adjustable cup holders and maybe the average miles per gallon. No one has to tell you it has a motor, four wheels, or even a transmission.  Its a vehicle!   Every vehicle has those components.  But what makes it different?  What makes it special?

Locating Cup Holders

Applying this descriptive process to our apartments; creates features out of hidden attributes in our apartment homes.  We can make these items into “cup holders.”  The specialized knowledge about these details can add to our expertise and establish our authority about our product.

Are you selling the extra shelf in the refrigerator, the energy star appliances or the hundred lineal feet closet storage? Or are you giving them the “four wheels” – Here is the kitchen, There is the closet…

Finding the “cup holders” will make you stand out from your competition.

  • Point out the number of shelves in the cabinets.
  • The Energy Star Electric range has two cooking racks and a broiler pan.
  • The programmable thermostat is rated to save “insert your data here..”, either a percent, or a specific dollar amount every year.  This type of data is available for most appliances.  You can point out savings opportunities for every appliance in the apartment.
  • Calculate the cubic feet of storage space in the cabinets, linen closet or pantry.
    Know the potential savings from the Energy Star appliances. (Energy Star)

Focusing on the cup holders for yours sales presentation creates an individualized memory for your prospect. They will leave your property remembering the special details you have described: 1200 lineal feet of closet storage, not another vanilla square with four walls and kitchen appliances.

Find a cup holder! You’ll be surprised how many you’ll find once you start looking!

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Lori Hammond

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