Spring Forward , Its Time To Check Your Smoke Detector

The change to Daylight Savings Time is a calendar point when  residential home owners are encouraged to check the smoke detectors in their homes.  Could residents in apartment communities be encouraged to do the same?  Time and time again, fires are reported with fatalities.  It’s hard to understand how this happens with the range of […]

Turnover Totals, The Financial Benefit of Reducing Moveouts

The related costs of apartment turnover are often included in discussions of the impact of move outs on an apartment community. Rent loss due to days vacant. Marketing expense to advertise for potential residents. Time and expense to screen and process potential residents. In addition there are the obvious related expenses: Maintenance labor Miscellaneous prep […]

Preventive Maintenance is Customer Service


Unit inspections are often viewed by residents as an intrusion into the privacy of their home.  Could this annual, semi annual or quarterly event be viewed as an apartment service appointment? Improving Performance Explaining to residents its time to service the furnace, water heater or air conditioner in their home offers a positive explanation for […]

Focus On Follow Up

In most leasing centers, prospect follow up is a scheduled activity. Sometimes the purpose of follow up is confused with the purpose of the task. Too often, the comment documenting is “left voicemail/sent email….” AND….? Follow up is the opportunity to sustain interest or general commitment from an individual that was unable, unwilling or not […]

Marketing by the Numbers

Marketing numbers

And the collective cry is heard across the land…marketing types don’t do numbers!  They’re creative, spontaneous, outgoing not the introverted analytical number crunchers. Numbers and marketing?  Might be the equivalent of water with the Wicked Witch of the West. Savvy advertising gurus long ago embraced the role of mathematics in analyzing marketing needs. What is […]

The Key to Satisfactory Results, Inspect What You Expect

Assignments are given.  Training is provided.   No one reports any deiciencies at the end of the day. No one reports work orders have not been completed.  The turnover prep scheduled to be complete, isn’t quite finished. The manager and supervisors end the day with the perception that all scheduled work is complete.  The disconnected […]

Learning for Leaders

Learning something new does not require enrolling in a certificate or a four year degree program. Opportunities To Learn Learning something new can be as simple as: -learning a new app.  Too often, we download a tool someone has recommended.  But we don’t try to use it. A quick check of You Tube offers instructions […]

Impact of Late Rent

How is a property affected by late rent? Unpaid rent obviously affects a property’s financial performance. It’s lost or at least delayed revenue. Expense related to unpaid rent are filing fees, court costs and attorneys.  The impact on the property exceeds these financial costs. Legal Expense The cost of late rent collection is not limited […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! The Opportunities in Property Management

opportunities in property management

This title from a Dr. Seuss favorite, is the best description for a response to an inquiry about opportunities for challenges and advancement in Property Management.  A career in property management is different than many occupations. Success is measured by results. Special emphasis needs to be offered to individuals newly hired into the industry.  Unlike […]