Supply and Demand, Lease Your Apartment Today!

Probably some of the most dreaded words in a leasing conversation are, “I’m not planning to move for thirty days, a month or two, or six months…” Our apartments are vacant now!  We need move ins now!  Leases signed now!  Commitments now! Availability Vs Schedule First consider, is the leasing team able to challenge the […]

The First Impression

Leasing apartments involves a series of “first impressions.” What does the prospect think: -on their first drive through of the property. -meeting with the leasing team. -touring a furnished or unfurnished model. -lastly, their first visit to their new apartment home. Anyone with much property management experience will tell you; the memory of a bad […]

“We Don’t Have Any…But,” Keeping A Leasing Call Positive

Many apartment communities have a limited variety of apartment styles.   If the occupancy wizard has smiled their way, they may have limited availability in various apartment styles.  Nonetheless almost every leasing call is offered the same initial inquiry, “What type of apartment are you looking for?” The door is opened, the prospect ventures into the […]

You Signed A Lease; It’s A Contract.

Every manager and leasing person has experienced the frustration when a new resident challenges a policy or clause in the lease. I didn’t know: -The non-smoking policy would apply to my guests. -I had to have management approval to have a pet. -There would be a penalty if I moved outt before my lease is […]

Follow Up Calls and Appointments, A Second Chance for a Lease Commitment

How often does the leasing or administrative staff review guest cards? Closing and conversion ratios are calculated, often by the management software. Taking the time to review the cards might provide some insights into leasing skills and generate potential traffic. Looking at the information of those who visited the property but didn’t commit to a […]

Show And Tell, Making An Apartment Tour Memorable

Many apartment communities do not have the budget or the decorating pizzazz to stage a furnished model. A hodge podge of abandoned furniture will not improve the marketing presence of the apartment, (with evergrowing concerns about bedbugs…this could create a whole new range of problems.) The lack of a model often sets a negative tone, […]

Show Me The Money, Effective Rent Collection

Contacting residents regarding unpaid rent can be difficult.  Inspite of best efforts to incentivize timely rental payments.  Rental properties will continue to have individuals that do not pay their rent on time. Tasking a team member with the responsibity to follow up on the individuals on the list for unpaid rent generally has the following […]

More Than A Move In

Many property management reports focus on occupancy. Every week, how many move ins will you have? What do you have as preleases? Renewal is a Satisfaction Indicator But securing the move in is only the first step on Resident Road. Moving forward, one of the true indicators of property success is the number of residents […]

“Just Because,” Explanations Don’t Replace Exceptional Service

The grounds look rough because maintenance is on vacation. The leasing staff was frustrated with a new policy so they were abrupt with a prospect on the phone. The turn process took longer than anticipated because the cleaner is being trained. The manager didn’t return the call because they were waiting for more information. The […]