A Mid Year Report Card, Is Your Property Achieving Its Goals?


With the end of June,  take this opportunity to review your property’s achievement or progress toward its goals.  Explaining goals during team meetings gives each team member ownership and understanding of these objectives.  Converting each objective into SMART goals gives a value every team member can measure. What occupancy is needed to produce the budgeted […]

Referred By…..Encouraging Referrals From Former Residents


We constantly analyze guest cards.  Identifying any trends or adjustments in how prospects are learning about our community.  With increasing exposure on a variety of internet locations,  general referrals and “word of mouth” continue to dominate the source of prospective residents. Why are these people talking about your community? In some cases, it is your current […]

Spring Forward , Its Time To Check Your Smoke Detector

The change to Daylight Savings Time is a calendar point when  residential home owners are encouraged to check the smoke detectors in their homes.  Could residents in apartment communities be encouraged to do the same?  Time and time again, fires are reported with fatalities.  It’s hard to understand how this happens with the range of […]

Just Right Pricing, A Personalized Approach to Affordable Leasing

Does your property offer “Just Right” pricing? If its an affordable property, it probably does, and this unique sales tool is overlooked, ignored, or forgotten.  Instead of focusing on the regulations and the administration of the policies putting the applicant as the focus. The catch phrase describing most affordable properties, “Rent Based On Your Income” […]

Scheduling Updates for Emergency Contacts

Emergency contacts

Emergency Contact List How healthy is your property emergency contact list? Is there a reminder in your planning calendar or property procedures to contact alarm companies or other support service providers with changes in telephone numbers or staffing?  This should be included on the team meeting agenda.  Unfortunately a failure in this process usually results […]

Learning for Leaders

Learning something new does not require enrolling in a certificate or a four year degree program. Opportunities To Learn Learning something new can be as simple as: -learning a new app.  Too often, we download a tool someone has recommended.  But we don’t try to use it. A quick check of You Tube offers instructions […]

Managing the Mystery of the Maintenance Budget

“We Need Supplies.” Maintenance Supply is often the expense account where there always seems to be more month than dollars in the budget. Given this is an area of operations that is reactive to the volume and variety of the requests of the residents; is it possible to effectively plan and budget for maintenance spending? […]

You Signed A Lease; It’s A Contract.

Every manager and leasing person has experienced the frustration when a new resident challenges a policy or clause in the lease. I didn’t know: -The non-smoking policy would apply to my guests. -I had to have management approval to have a pet. -There would be a penalty if I moved outt before my lease is […]

Could A Thank You Every Day, Keep The Move Outs Away?

How often are residents thanked for the choice to live at a property?  Demonstrating resident appreciation in the smallest ways, can have surprising and rewarding returns. Most choices for housing involve long term commitments, buying a house or a condo, mortgage etc. Individuals who rent can make a change in an instant, granted breaking a […]