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Hi!  Happy New Year!  I personally am excited about the opportunities that will be achieved in 2017.

Welcome to Property Management Minutes.  Visiting this page tells me you have a passion for property management!  I love having the opportunity to share some thoughts and ideas that can add to the success and performance of your property.


I’m Lori Hammond.  Property Management is in my blood.  Not by design, I studied elementary education.  But the School of Life has given me a world of experiences in Property Management.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of our industry leaders.  Both affordable and conventional properties as well as several management companies.

Property Management is an industry that sneaks into your life.  While there are a few more colleges and universities offering courses and majors, most of us found our way into property management by a simple employment posting or walking into a leasing office when we lived at a property.

I started this adventure thirty years ago, and I’ve never looked back.


I love the creative aspects of property management.  Marketing, advertising, social activities; creating themes and building brands.

Managing A Business

There is an analytical aspect to our business.  Understanding the relationship between the revenue generated by our rental income and the impact of our expenses to manage the property.  Resulting in the holy grail of Net Operating Income.

Customer Service

Customer Service is key.  We provide homes, shelter for people.  Home is where the heart is.  Helping people make a decision for themselves and their family is always rewarding.

Construction and Project Management

Managing the real estate involves repairs, remodeling and renovation. There is a constant flow of maintenance to complete repairs for our current residents.  Move outs create turnover preparation.  New products, featuring amenities and monitoring other new construction for ideas brings fresh ideas to the weekly schedule.

I love sharing ideas for marketing tips, resident retention and maintenance hacks on my pinterest and facebook pages, so take a minute to check them out and follow me..

I love the challenges I’ve experienced working in this industry.  Offering a few thoughts to encourage and support others in our industry is an opportunity to give back to an industry that has given me a lifetime of rewards.

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