Executing and Recording The Move In Inspection


The  move in inspection is a document with serious legal ramifications. Without a complete and executed move in inspection, management has no documentation to show the condition of the apartment at the time of move in.  An executed document shows the resident accepted the condition of the apartment with whatever notated findings. There are several […]

Planting Outreach Seeds for a Crop of General Referrals

Crop of outreach

Every marketing plan includes the activity of community contacts, marketing to local businesses or the all generic OUTREACH. At the end of week, a quick review of tasks not completed, needing to be rescheduled, the outreach activity leads the way. the office was too busy someone called in, the office would have been shortstaffed. outreach […]

Find The “Cup Holders, ” Selling the Hidden Features


You probably know someone who has recently purchased a new vehicle, its all about the touch screen features, navigation, adjustable cup holders and maybe the average miles per gallon. No one has to tell you it has a motor, four wheels, or even a transmission. If you apply this descriptive process to our apartments; how […]

Impact of Late Rent

Impact of Late Rent

How is a property affected by late rent? Unpaid rent obviously affects a property’s financial performance. It’s lost or at least delayed revenue. Expense related to unpaid rent are filing fees, court costs and attorneys.  The impact on the property exceeds these financial costs. Legal Expense The cost of late rent collection is not limited […]

Implementing the Marketing Plan; Adding Action to the Product, Price, People, Promotion Analysis

Marketing plan

Monthly, quarterly, weekly, or at least annually organizations expect updates of Property Marketing Plans.  Dutifully, plans are submitted to the appropriate source for review.  Task complete…Thirty, sixty’ ninety days later, update plan.  Task complete, check the item off the TO DO list. How is the plan integrated in to the property operations?  Without specific action […]

“Call If You Have Any Questions,” Not A Foundation For Employee Development

Call with questions

This short phrase, seven little words could be the first step to failure for a newly hired or recently promoted individual. As the supervisor, the team leader, it appears that we can be available; “just call,” “call anytime, day or night,” “I always have my phone with me.” Time goes by, critical deadlines are missed […]

The Gangs All Here, Team Meeting, Team Building

Team meeting

Do you have a team meeting to start your week? Share the leasing goals for the week. Report results from the prior week. Ask for input on supplies to be ordered. Including your team in these discussions creates the opportunity for ownership in your property and its operations. All too often, the team meeting is […]

A Mid Year Report Card, Is Your Property Achieving Its Goals?


Is your property ready for a mid-year report card?  With the end of June, just ahead, take this opportunity to review your property’s achievement or progress toward its goals. is occupancy meeting or improved over the projected results? how do the year to date expenses compare to the budget?  How do they compare to the […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! The Opportunities in Property Management

opportunities in property management

This title from a Dr. Seuss favorite, is the best description for a response to an inquiry about opportunities for challenges and advancement in Property Management.  A career in property management is different than many occupations. Success is measured by results. Special emphasis needs to be offered to individuals newly hired into the industry.  Unlike […]