Turnover Totals, The Financial Benefit of Reducing Moveouts

The related costs of apartment turnover are often included in discussions of the impact of move outs on an apartment community. Rent loss due to days vacant. Marketing expense to advertise for potential residents. Time and expense to screen and process potential residents. In addition there are the obvious related expenses: Maintenance labor Miscellaneous prep […]

Service Request Follow Up Calls, Resident Feedback Please!

Taking the time to make phone calls after service is completed in an apartment may seem to be a low priority task or even a time waster. “Maintenance does a great job, I hear that from every resident I call.” Wow! What a great problem to have! With that factual information, a property could state […]

Make The Appointment So You Can Make the Sale


You’re finishing up the notes on a guest card. Your manager asks, “Was that a successful leasing call?” As a trained leasing professional, you start your mental checklist: You didn’t give a price the first time the prospect asked, “How much is a two bedroom?” You took control of the conversation. You were able to […]

You’ll <3 Living Here! Endorsing Your Property.


Is the leasing team prepared to respond to an inquiry, “Why should I move here?”  Anything less than an immediate endorsement tells the prospect the leasing team is not sold on their product. Personal Endorsement How can the leasing team demonstrate their enthusiasm for their property? “We have such a great, convenient location!  I love […]

Scheduling Craigs List

craigsl list

Craigs List continues to provide a strong source of prospective residents for apartment homes in many markets. The amount of quality traffic is directly related to the quality and quantity of Craigs List ads posted each day by the leasing team. Users of Craigs Lists or other Internet Service Providers will focus on the most […]

Starting the Day With Resident Appreciation

Breakfast On The Go

Dedicated to a freezing cold below zero Michigan Morning on February 2…a few years ago…..with Katie Bolger Vondra and her team.  The only thing better than Property Management Minutes, are Property Management Memories. Breakfast On The Go is a quick and easy resident appreciation event. . Organizing the leasing and maintenance team at the property […]

Preventive Maintenance is Customer Service


Unit inspections are often viewed by residents as an intrusion into the privacy of their home.  Could this annual, semi annual or quarterly event be viewed as an apartment service appointment? Improving Performance Explaining to residents its time to service the furnace, water heater or air conditioner in their home offers a positive explanation for […]

Scheduling Updates for Emergency Contacts

Emergency contacts

Emergency Contact List How healthy is your property emergency contact list? Is there a reminder in your planning calendar or property procedures to contact alarm companies or other support service providers with changes in telephone numbers or staffing?  This should be included on the team meeting agenda.  Unfortunately a failure in this process usually results […]