Weekend Hours in a Leasing Center

Weekend hours

Is your leasing center open on Saturday, possibly even Sunday? Many are open on the weekend.  It’s a great opportunity for future residents to have time to explore and investigate possible options for their new homes. Usually weekday leasing appointments are crunched between transportation pick ups, lunch hours and errands.  This limits the time available, putting […]

Focus On Follow Up

In most leasing centers, prospect follow up is a scheduled activity. Sometimes the purpose of follow up is confused with the purpose of the task. Too often, the comment documenting is “left voicemail/sent email….” AND….? Follow up is the opportunity to sustain interest or general commitment from an individual that was unable, unwilling or not […]

Toast the New Year, Celebrate the Team Meeting

Toast the New Year

The “Toast” is an event.  It is a public gesture of celebration.  The audience voices their support of the praise with the clinking of glasses, and a hearty, “hear, hear!” Celebration Meeting Theme We can use “The Toast” as a theme for a  team meeting at the beginning of the year.  This creates a holiday […]

The “A” Game, Performing At Your Best

A game

You’re ready to start your day. Fitness is complete. Heathy breakfast-check! Now you’re headed to work, will the next eight, nine or even ten hours be achieving results or waiting for the clock to hit 5 or 6 pm? What do you plan to accomplish? Will you tour a household through a potential new home? […]

Twas The Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, across all the land, Not a creature was stirring, no leases at hand. The banners were hung across the property with care, In hopes the prospects would find their way there. The team was gathered, in the leasing center together Hoping to hear praise on the meeting agenda. The Manager had her […]

National BINGO Month! A Theme For Daily Tasks.

theme for activities

December is National Bingo month.  Try creating a Bingo card with leasing, maintenance or administrative tasks to create a fun environment for some team competition. Layering the daily tasks for the month with a theme, such as Bingo can build some friendly competition.  The theme can add an element of fun to the daily work […]

You Can’t Buy Experience, The Value of Long Term Teams

Possibly the most valuable asset in property management is the experience of the onsite management team. Properties with tenured, long time employees benefit from: development of annual systems. they have noticed, realized and anticipate occupancy trends. they create and build relationships with residents, which improves resident communication, rent collection and resident retention. Preventive maintenance is […]

Give Maintenance A Hand!

The maintenance team at a property is often the secret ingredient to a property’s success.  A perfect move in, free of any repair items creates a great first impression for a new resident. The appearance of the grounds, hallways, and any common areas can determine whether a prospect drives in to tour the property or […]