Give Maintenance A Hand!

The maintenance team at a property is often the secret ingredient to a property’s success.  A perfect move in, free of any repair items creates a great first impression for a new resident. The appearance of the grounds, hallways, and any common areas can determine whether a prospect drives in to tour the property or […]

‘Tis The Season, To Lease An Apartment

Season leasing

The holiday season and the dreaded months of winter are often cited for the reason for decreased phone calls and visits to a property.  The reasons cited for reduced visits and closing ratios matches the outside temperature. No one wants to move between Christmas and New Years. No one wants to move in the winter […]

Celebrate Lease Renewals

Benefits of Lease Renewal An effective resident retention program offers many benefits. The most obvious benefit is lease renewals. Increased renewals result in a reduced number of move outs. Reducing move outs reduces turnover expenses. This affects labor expenses for our team, contract and supply expenses. We don’t have vacancy loss or the marketing cost […]

Fall Back , Its Time To Check Your Smoke Detector

check smoke detectors

The change to Daylight Savings Time is a calendar point when  residential home owners are encouraged to check the smoke detectors in their homes.  Could residents in apartment communities be encouraged to do the same?  Time and time again, fires are reported with fatalities.  It’s hard to understand how this happens with the range of […]

Learning From Rejection


I just finishing reading “Rejection Proof” by Jia Jiang. The author created a personal challenge to overcome his fear of rejection. He created one hundred scenarios where he was likely to be rejected. This would give him experience with rejection.  It would prepare him to pursue entrepreneurial efforts, where he would likely experience repeated rejection. […]

Lights Out!

The Challenge Maintaining exterior parking lot and building entry lights is an ongoing challenge for many property managers. During daily/weekly tours of the property when we monitor and inspect for any potential repair or safety items, the exterior lighting is often overlooked. The lights are not illuminated, because its daytime. Exterior lighting is an important […]

Turnover Totals, The Financial Benefit of Reducing Moveouts

The related costs of apartment turnover are often included in discussions of the impact of move outs on an apartment community. Rent loss due to days vacant. Marketing expense to advertise for potential residents. Time and expense to screen and process potential residents. In addition there are the obvious related expenses: Maintenance labor Miscellaneous prep […]

Have You Tested Your Detector Today?

An inoperable smoke detector is  one of the most frustrating and dangerous findings on any type of inspection.  This violation carries the most severe penalty scoring.  With Agency and Municipal inspections same day repairs are mandated. Both residents and maintenance must acknowledge the importance of this device.  It must be operational at all times.  The […]

Implementing the Marketing Plan; Adding Action to the Product, Price, People, Promotion Analysis

Monthly, quarterly, weekly, or at least annually organizations expect updates of Property Marketing Plans.  Dutifully, plans are submitted to the appropriate source for review.  Task complete…Thirty, sixty, ninety days later, update plan.  Task complete, check the item off the TO DO list.  The value of the plan is lost without scheduling tasks to create actions. […]